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Man Wah Records Orders Exceeding RMB311.2 Million    2016-10-11

(Hong Kong-11 October 2016) - Man Wah Holdings Limited (“Man Wah” or the “Group”, stock code: 1999) announced that the Group’s Cheers self-owned and distributor-managed specialty stores in Mainland China recorded orders totaling RMB311.2 million (equivalent to approximately HK$361.4 million) during China’s National Day Golden Week from 1 st to 7 th October 2016, a 29.6 % leap compared with the same period last year.

During the National Day Golden Week, the Group launched a series of competitive new products and organized various promotional activities in Mainland China such as inviting movie stars as brand ambassadors for on-site promotional activities, holding joint promotional events with furniture malls and inviting consumers to visit and shop direct at its factory. The Group also increased placement of advertisements in mainstream TV media to expand advertising coverage across the country.

Dr. Wong Man Li, Chairman of Man Wah, said, “We have fully prepared on products and marketing for this Golden Week. The excellent sales performance of this period well reflects the execution of our team and strengthened our confidence in speeding up expansion in China. Looking forward, we will continue to enhance brand promotion and network expansion in the country to consolidate the market position of our brand and advantages in product innovation, as well as actively seize market opportunities.”