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Fleming Brand Showcase at the BIFF    2017-06-15

After launching its Asia debut in March 2017, Fleming showcased at the Beijing International Furniture Fair on June 13 among with all the prominent international and domestic furniture brands in China. Fleming has a strong presence in over 20 European countries for more than 20 years. With 1200 retail networks, Fleming provides European consumers with stylish and affordable furniture. In 2017, Man Wah Holdings acquired Fleming brand and Home group 50% ownership and introduce the Nordic design brand to Asian consumers. 

Young, vibrant, stylish, comfort and affordable are the design concepts of Fleming brand and are the quality that the young Chinese consumers today are looking for. Personalized sofa, sofa with storage, sofa bed, sofa with different configurations are fitted for the new generation’s lifestyle with them living in urban areas.

For 23 years, Fleming has always been focused on the fashion trend, comfort, innovative design, technology integration, and socially conscious process to develop value furniture with great style. With research development teams in five countries, Fleming delivers true European design furniture to consumers worldwide.

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